About Me

Howard Michael Burnham Gowen is creative in every facet of his life, whose positive and innovative nature leads him to find new solutions, whether as an artist, a healer, or an adventurer. Howard Michael Burnham Gowen loves finding inventive ways of up-cycling interesting materials into art, creating droll tunes with his humorous poetry, and concocting delectable new variations on culinary themes from various cultures. He's an energetic and daring athlete; Howard Michael Burnham Gowen has always loved challenging himself, whether on the boulders of Joshua Tree, surfing in Santa Cruz, sky-diving, or exploring the final frontier, the mind, through meditation. Howard Michael Burnham Gowen is a talented massage therapist, in addition to offering a relaxing massage, his skillful techniques greatly relieve tension and enable better mobility and performance. An enthusiastic chef, Howard Michael Burnham Gowen delights his lucky family and friends with mouth-watering, healthy meals daily, bringing high-quality, local organic ingredients together in new and delicious ways.


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